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Ateliers Daetwyler

atelier dätwyler

For More Performance

Stimulates body and mind: The action artist Brigitte Dätwyler provides customized motivational workshops.

Artistic interactions can release blockages: mental and organizational, personal and collective. “The goal is for this approach to benefit small and large companies in future,” says Brigitte Daetwyler, a well-known performance artist and lecturer at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). How it works: A preliminary meeting with the team managers highlights where action is needed. The artist then develops a topic-related performance to be used as a “pièce de résistance” in a joint analytical discussion during the group meeting. Currently, Daetwyler is a one-woman enterprise – not only in the legal sense. However, that is about to change. With her work, she examines the effect of performance art as an aesthetic intervention in the corporate context. “I want to give future employees a motivational methodology.”




“The specific, often highly detailed, feedback of the lecturers impressed me.”


Project: Ateliers Daetwyler

Brigitte Daetwyler
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